Schedule at Glance

The program of presentations consists of 6 keynote lectures and 10 general oral sessions taking place at the South Hall Complex (Pollock Halls), and 3 poster sessions taking place in the lounge space in front of the session room.

ICBCHT 2023 programme of events

Keynote lectures

Each keynote lecture is scheduled to last for 45 minutes (including time for questions at the end).

Oral presentations

Presentations are limited to 15 minutes including Q&A. Therefore, we recommend, you allow for 12 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A. A pc will be available to deliver your presentation, although you can use your own, if desired.

Poster presentations

The recommended format is A1 to fit available poster boards.  We suggest that you prepare your poster and print it before traveling to attend the conference.

Posters should be hung in the morning and displayed for the whole day so participants can also show and interact with their posters during the breaks.

Recommended pubs and restaurants

Please find a list of recommended pubs and restaurants in Edinburgh: