Welcome to ICBCHT11, 15-17, May, 2023

This series, originally sponsored, ECI conferences (on Boiling) has been very successful over the years, with the present conference the 11th in the series taking place on May 2023 in the beautiful city of Edinburgh CNN Travel number one best city in the world.

Edinburgh and The University of Edinburgh have homed a great number of renowned Scottish scientists such as James Clerk Maxwell, Robert Stirling, William John Macquorn Rankine, and Joseph Black fathers of the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation describing electricity, magnetism, and light, of the Stirling engine, of the first and third law of thermodynamics, and of the latent heat and specific heat, respectively, of very much relevance to phase-change, heat and mass transfer, and steam cycles, amongst others.

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In recent years, numerous advances in microscale and macroscale two-phase heat transfer have been made. Especially, flow boiling and condensation in microchannels have received a lot of attention for fundamental research, primarily for applications to electronics cooling systems whilst enhanced boiling and condensation surfaces continue to be developed and applied to refrigeration systems, for example. In addition, advancements in micro- and nano-fabrication have led to novel and unique phenomena and functionalities both in boiling and condensation phase-change.

While there is significant similarity in the boiling and condensation processes; in recent years, multidisciplinary research works coupled with new functionalities as well as prediction methods in the literature do empower a colorful and complex range of basic science and phenomena surrounding these phase-change processes. This conference, ICBCHT11, thus presents an auspicious opportunity for the coordination of all two-phase heat transfer efforts (boiling and condensation) at an international level.

The ICBCHT11's objective is to disseminate and discuss various novel fundamental phenomena and processes in boiling and condensation heat transfer including also its practical applications. All following topics are considered, but are not limited to:

  • Pool boiling and bubble dynamics

  • Flow boiling in micro- and macro-channels

  • Enhanced boiling bundle boiling

  • Critical heat flux

  • Boiling in plate heat exchangers

  • Boiling in electronic cold plates

  • Convective condensation in micro- and macro-channels

  • Enhanced condensation

  • Condensation in plate heat exchangers

  • Falling film evaporation and condensation

  • Boiling and condensation of mixtures

  • Two-phase heat transfer devices

  • Novel two-phase measurement and visualization techniques

  • Numerical simulation and modeling of boiling and condensation phenomena

Sponsored by the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer https://www.ichmt.org/

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